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The Inverters series GD20-EU is available to drive motors up to 110KW. The EMC C3 filter is provided optional for inverters up to 2,2 KW, and fully integrated starting from 4KW, as per the Dynamic Breaking Unit included for powers up to 37KW, therefore the GD20-EU is one of the most complete inverters series on the market. The sensor-less vector control technology with the selectable static/dynamic tuning function, allows GD20-EU inverters to easily manage heavy-duty applications in several fields.
The uncompromising quality:
 - The series GD20-EU is manufactured with the utmost attention and covered by 24 months werranty.
 - A special coating process protects and strengthens the printed circuits boards for use in harsh environments.
 - Every inverter is tested after production: burn in test, vibration level and efficiency at full load.                                                                          HIGHLIGHTS:
- Output frequency 0-630Hz
- Sensorless vector control for asynchronous motors with static or dynamic tuning
- Max overload 200% of rated current
- EMC C3 filters integrated by 4KW
- EMC C3 filters add-on optional up to 2.2KW
- Integrated DC reactor for sizes over 15KW
- Integrated braking unit up to 37KW included
- STO SIL 3 or SIL 2 function depending on the models
- No 5 programmable digital inputs
- No 1 higt speed input 50kHz
- Up to 3 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs
- Advanced PID functionality
- No 2 analog input +/- 10Vcc 4/20 mA
- Automatic operating timer
- Possibility of through mounting of the heat sink


Catalog Inverters series GD20-EU 10 Mb (pdf) download
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